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English Courses

We deliver private English and Estonian language courses.

The second teaching language in the Estonian language course is English, which is used depending on the learner’s level.

Private classes are for one or two learners. The teacher prepares a personalized programme based on students’ training needs. A student will choose the most suitable length and volume of the course, which can be flexibly adjusted to suit his/her working schedule and private life. The lessons are focused on training the basic skills and aspects of language. Students are encouraged to contribute to the interactive way of instruction so that they are actively involved in the learning process.

The location of classes is close to the Old Town and the Balti Jaam railway station, in the cosy quarter of Kalamaja. Good access to public transport and free parking. However, lessons can also be conducted in a venue offered by students.

The price for one academic hour (45 minutes) is 20 €.